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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

“Lunch’n Learn” - “Immigration Options for Employment” 

Join us at the fifth event in the monthly “Lunch’n Learn” series will take place at Norway House.
The luncheon speaker for this event is Charles Foster, Co-Chairman of FosterQuan LLP and one of the most recognized immigration lawyers in the U.S. The title of his presentation will be: “Update on U. S. Immigration Options for Employment in the U. S. and on the Offshore Continental Shelf (OCS) including Legal Issues impacting Employment on the OCS by Companies doing Exploration in the Gulf.” 

There is no charge for attendance. Parking on our ground floor, combined with valet parking. Space is limited; hence early registrations are encouraged, and no later than by October 25 to [email protected] or tel. 713-620-4200

October 30, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Luncheon with Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen 

DACCSW-HFR-OCT-2013-027_thumb3About 75 people attended the luncheon at beautiful Skyline Ballroom featuring Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen as keynote speaker on the topic of: “Why American Companies Must Embrace America” . Fogh-Rasmussen made a strong case for  the American optimism in all aspects of life and how this undeterred belief in America and  in the ability of the individual to rise to the top creates a strong, positive business climate. Fogh-Rasmussen shared a strong belief that America will continue to be a world leader in business as well as policy for the foreseeable future. We thank Henrik for taking the trip to from Springfield to Texas, he indicated he may himself become a Texan one day!


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October 02, 2013 Categories: Luncheons