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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

Annual Meeting  

DACCSW annual meeting 2017 were held at the premises of NextOp at McKinney Street on April 12th, 2017.





Chair Steen Pedersen bid welcome followed by Treasury Christian Rasmussen, who went through the financial statement which were approved by the members.

Two board members are leaving the board. Vice Chair Anna-Louise Ploughman Andersen, who will be substituted by Anders Pedersen as Vice Chair and Secretary Michael Brunoe-Soerensen who will be substituted by Ken Mogensen who was elected by the members. 

The Board thanks Anna-Louise and Michael for their hard work, efforts, and great attitude throughout the years and as well the Board wish Ken welcome onboard. 

The DACC Board for the coming year are as follows:

Chair                Steen Pedersen

Vice-Chair         Anders Pedersen 

Secretary          Ken Mogensen

Treasurer          Christian Rasmussen

                                      Anna Thomsen Holliday

                                      Danielle Mirabel

                        Daniel Kvist                           

Committee Members are:

Hanne Gellert

Jane Rüsz Scaffidi Abbate

After the official program, the approx. 45 attendees were treated with traditional Texas BBQ and a cold Carlsberg was served. 



Thank you again everyone for your continued support and please stay tuned for future exciting events!


About the venue: 


The venue was kindly hosted by Lai Sorensen, a Danish veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan who currently is in Houston working on his thesis from NextOp about a how to receive and get veterans from military to the civil life. 

Lai told us his fascinating story about leaving Denmark to go to war and about coming back to a world that quite often do not understand the traumas and dilemmas our young men and women has been exposed to.

Lai has graduated as Kaospilot and is now finishing his thesis which brings him to NextOp in Houston to study why NextOp excel in getting veterans back to civil life. DACCSW and Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. both have given Lai a stipend of USD 1,000 each to help him succeed with this very important task.

About NextOp:

NextOp is a nonprofit organization connecting US veterans to Energy, Construction and Healthcare sector companies looking for skilled and semi-skilled workers. NextOp as an example assist with creating the right CV and application to fit the job. They coach and prepare the veterans to cope with a civil job. And when needed they provide a shoulder to lean against when things are tough. NextOp works closely with the City of Houston and even staff from the City of Houston are located at the premises. The concept of bringing various organizations together under one roof is unique in every way. So, unique in fact, that not only the rest of America but the entire world currently has their eyes targeted on NextOp in Houston.

We can all be proud and inspired by their hard work. Please visit their webpage NextOp


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Lunch with Anders Fogh Rasmussen 

Arranged on corporation with our Honorary Consul Anna Thomsen Holliday, DACCSW’s members spend an exciting lunch with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Former Prime Minister of Denmark and Immediate past Secretary General of NATO on April 4th 2017

Mr. Fogh Rasmussen, a veteran in Politics and Foreign affairs, was in Houston to promote his new book “The Will To Lead” America’s Indispensable Role in The Global Fight for Freedom.

The repeated mantra in his book is that the World needs a strong and decisive American Leadership that plays an active role in global affairs. As Mr. Fogh Rasmussen cited:


                “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” by Edmund Burke


The audience enjoyed insight in Mr. Fogh Rasmussen’s long career as top politician as well as his 5 years as Secretary General of NATO. An insight that “normal mortal” people not gets

to see very often, which also was demonstrated in the huge willingness from the audience to ask questions. 


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