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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

Lunch with Anders Fogh Rasmussen 

Arranged on corporation with our Honorary Consul Anna Thomsen Holliday, DACCSW’s members spend an exciting lunch with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Former Prime Minister of Denmark and Immediate past Secretary General of NATO on April 4th 2017

Mr. Fogh Rasmussen, a veteran in Politics and Foreign affairs, was in Houston to promote his new book “The Will To Lead” America’s Indispensable Role in The Global Fight for Freedom.

The repeated mantra in his book is that the World needs a strong and decisive American Leadership that plays an active role in global affairs. As Mr. Fogh Rasmussen cited:


                “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” by Edmund Burke


The audience enjoyed insight in Mr. Fogh Rasmussen’s long career as top politician as well as his 5 years as Secretary General of NATO. An insight that “normal mortal” people not gets

to see very often, which also was demonstrated in the huge willingness from the audience to ask questions. 


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Lunch with the Danish queen of crime: Sara Blaedel 

DACCSW’s members spend an exciting lunch with Sara Blaedel on February
20, 2015.

Sara Blaedel told us about her exciting journey from
debuting as a small crime fiction publisher in Denmark to actually
becoming a world famous writer herself. Her books are published in 23

Her promotion in the US took off already one year ago, even
long before the "The Forgotten Girls" was published. Sara Blaedel told
us in a very honest and passionate way about how she is experiencing
breaking into the US market.

Most of the attending DACCSW members went home with
signed books and photos with Sara Blaedel. Finally, we had to the
chance to congratulate Sara Blaedel with recently receiving the very
prestigious Danish literature price De Gyldne Laurbær 2014

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Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand February 20, 2015 Categories: Luncheons

We met the man behind BlueWater! 

On October 3, 2014 DACCSW welcomed illustrious founder of Blue Water Shipping. Mr. Kurt Skov, as our featured speaker for the fall signature lunch. The event was well attended with more than sixty of our member and guest present. Mærsk Drilling turned out in full force with a table of ten as did our board member Thomas Damsgaard, who had filled another table of ten with industry colleagues and friends. Needles to say all of the Blue Water boys attended in full force as did a lot of our other members within the shipping industry, seen in the crowd: John Moyell, Finn Rasmussen and Mads Engelstoft.

We enjoyed visiting our member, Chef Søren Pedersen's new venue on Dunlavy Street. Søren served up a delicious, three course "market cuisine" lunch, with the sweet bite having a distinct Danish bent :Citron fromage.

Kurt Skov gave us a fantastic insight into the enterprise that is now Blue Water a global company started from humble beginnings in Esbjerg, Denmark, where they are still headquartered today. He told us his very compelling story from a less than top-end student to successful entrepreneur with both humor and humility, THANK YOU Kurt!

Chef Søren Pedersen's new venue on Dunlavy Street


Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand October 08, 2014 Categories: Luncheons

GREAT seeing so many spouses at the Accompanying Partner event yesterday! 

On September 25th 2014 DACCSW again experienced that there is a big interest in our Accompanying Partners events. Around 25 people got together to discuss "how to get back to thinking at your self as a Professional"

Instructor Grant Hill (Owner, NLP coaching and Training International) coached the group through a workshop session making the participants reflect on questions like “Am I living the dream of someone else?” and ”Do I do what I really want to do?”. People actively got involved in the discussion, and inspiration and new ideas emerged between the participants.

Thank you to all for attending! And thanks to Anna Holliday for opening up her beautiful home.

We are already planning the next session for Accompanying Partners. It will take place in January 2015 – we will keep you posted.


Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand September 26, 2014 Categories: Luncheons

Recently retired U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Ms. Laurie Fulton spoke at the signature DACCSW Spring Luncheon 

On Thursday, February 20th recently retired U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Ms. Laurie Fulton spoke at the signature DACCSW Spring Luncheon, at the Hilton America’s Skyline Ballroom, downtown Houston.

Ambassador Fulton, a practicing litigation attorney in Washington, D.C. spoke to members of the Chamber and their guests about differences/similarities in business culture in the two countries based on her personal observations. Following her remarks Ambassador Fulton answered questions from the attendees. As an extraordinary personal touch the ambassador took time to greet each and every guest personally!! DACCSW hopes this will not be her last visit to Houston.

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In the crowd: Lars Hansen of MacCartney, along with wife Karen and daughter Marianne, Haldor Topsoe exec Anders Olsen, Mads Engelstoft, and a whole host of Maersk Drilling folk

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European Economic Outlook Luncheon at the Federal Reserve Bank, Houston Branch January 2014 

30+ DACCSW members and members from the German chamber had the pleasure of listening to Professor John E. Hund from Rice University on his perspectives on the world economy.

We got a very informative perspective back in history – realizing there have always been financial crises … maybe we are always in some sort of financial crises? – In fact the only longer period with out crises was in post war period where we spend a lot of money building up larger parts of the world and the women entered the workforce!

Looking forward he saw to different financial-roads; one is to wait for … or create … a new “bobble” – Maybe bobbles has always been the catalyzer to create growth!? Or we could build less debt … or create more growth! Alternatively ensure high inflation, allow more reconstruction etc.

As he concluded there is no “one answer” but a lot of factors that can influence the way going forward …. so stay tuned to see what the future will bring!


Dr. John Hund has been a visiting professor at Rice University since July 2006. Previously, Dr. Hund was a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was an award-winning teacher of advanced corporate finance and fixed income analytics. Dr. Hund was also selected to teach Money and Capital Markets in the Option II Executive MBA program at the McCombs School. Prior to his time at Texas, Dr. Hund was an Assistant Professor in the Finance Group at Tulane University from August, 2000 until August 2004. His research focuses on the estimation of default risk, primarily in emerging markets, as well as the influence of default on corporate decision making. At Tulane, he taught Fixed Income Analytics in the MBA program, Risk Management and Financial Innovation in the undergraduate program, and lectured on asset pricing at the Ph.D. level.


Seen in the crow was Anders Hyrup from SAL Heavy Lift, Jørgen Jørgensen and Steen Pedersen from Biel, Bent Plougmand Andersen from Welltec, Tine Rau Schiott, Anders Petersen and Morten Grouleff from Leman, Patricia Blackwell from Nextratec, Lars Hansen from MacArtney and many more!


Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand January 30, 2014 Categories: Luncheons

“Lunch’n Learn” - “Immigration Options for Employment” 

Join us at the fifth event in the monthly “Lunch’n Learn” series will take place at Norway House.
The luncheon speaker for this event is Charles Foster, Co-Chairman of FosterQuan LLP and one of the most recognized immigration lawyers in the U.S. The title of his presentation will be: “Update on U. S. Immigration Options for Employment in the U. S. and on the Offshore Continental Shelf (OCS) including Legal Issues impacting Employment on the OCS by Companies doing Exploration in the Gulf.” 

There is no charge for attendance. Parking on our ground floor, combined with valet parking. Space is limited; hence early registrations are encouraged, and no later than by October 25 to [email protected] or tel. 713-620-4200

October 30, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Luncheon with Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen 

DACCSW-HFR-OCT-2013-027_thumb3About 75 people attended the luncheon at beautiful Skyline Ballroom featuring Henrik Fogh-Rasmussen as keynote speaker on the topic of: “Why American Companies Must Embrace America” . Fogh-Rasmussen made a strong case for  the American optimism in all aspects of life and how this undeterred belief in America and  in the ability of the individual to rise to the top creates a strong, positive business climate. Fogh-Rasmussen shared a strong belief that America will continue to be a world leader in business as well as policy for the foreseeable future. We thank Henrik for taking the trip to from Springfield to Texas, he indicated he may himself become a Texan one day!


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October 02, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between European Companies and their US Affiliates 

The cross-cultural workshop gave all nationalities some new knowledge and tools to create a soaring global workplace. A huge thank you to High Road Global Services for an inspiring workshop, a big thank you to all the participants and for their willingness to interact, discuss and share their personal experiences. Not least a huge thank you two our two sponsors Advancial and OW Bunker! 

May 23, 2013 Categories: Luncheons

Tax Law Luncheon 


DACC, NACC and SACC had a joint event:

Tax Law Luncheon

Learn How The New Tax Law Can Save You or Bury You!

Tuesday, March 19th 2013

Catherine Lightfoot partner in local CPA Firm EEPB gave an excellent and timely presentation of changes in the US Tax Code whilst members and guest of the DACCSW along with our Scandinavian colleagues from the Swedish American Chamber and the Norwegian American Chamber enjoyed a superb lunch. Did you know that the deduction of sales tax for purchase of a new vehicle is back in the tax code for 2013?

In the crowd: Falck-Alford Thomas Boehme, Synchro’s Hans Cederlund, Dr. Carsten Westergaard, and new member Ken Mogensen.

March 19, 2013 Categories: Luncheons
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