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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

Annual Meeting  

DACCSW annual meeting 2017 were held at the premises of NextOp at McKinney Street on April 12th, 2017.





Chair Steen Pedersen bid welcome followed by Treasury Christian Rasmussen, who went through the financial statement which were approved by the members.

Two board members are leaving the board. Vice Chair Anna-Louise Ploughman Andersen, who will be substituted by Anders Pedersen as Vice Chair and Secretary Michael Brunoe-Soerensen who will be substituted by Ken Mogensen who was elected by the members. 

The Board thanks Anna-Louise and Michael for their hard work, efforts, and great attitude throughout the years and as well the Board wish Ken welcome onboard. 

The DACC Board for the coming year are as follows:

Chair                Steen Pedersen

Vice-Chair         Anders Pedersen 

Secretary          Ken Mogensen

Treasurer          Christian Rasmussen

                                      Anna Thomsen Holliday

                                      Danielle Mirabel

                        Daniel Kvist                           

Committee Members are:

Hanne Gellert

Jane Rüsz Scaffidi Abbate

After the official program, the approx. 45 attendees were treated with traditional Texas BBQ and a cold Carlsberg was served. 



Thank you again everyone for your continued support and please stay tuned for future exciting events!


About the venue: 


The venue was kindly hosted by Lai Sorensen, a Danish veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan who currently is in Houston working on his thesis from NextOp about a how to receive and get veterans from military to the civil life. 

Lai told us his fascinating story about leaving Denmark to go to war and about coming back to a world that quite often do not understand the traumas and dilemmas our young men and women has been exposed to.

Lai has graduated as Kaospilot and is now finishing his thesis which brings him to NextOp in Houston to study why NextOp excel in getting veterans back to civil life. DACCSW and Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. both have given Lai a stipend of USD 1,000 each to help him succeed with this very important task.

About NextOp:

NextOp is a nonprofit organization connecting US veterans to Energy, Construction and Healthcare sector companies looking for skilled and semi-skilled workers. NextOp as an example assist with creating the right CV and application to fit the job. They coach and prepare the veterans to cope with a civil job. And when needed they provide a shoulder to lean against when things are tough. NextOp works closely with the City of Houston and even staff from the City of Houston are located at the premises. The concept of bringing various organizations together under one roof is unique in every way. So, unique in fact, that not only the rest of America but the entire world currently has their eyes targeted on NextOp in Houston.

We can all be proud and inspired by their hard work. Please visit their webpage NextOp


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DACCSW’s members spend an nice evening with Shannon Smith on March 4, 2015 

DACCSW together with Kris Bistro hosted a cozy reception in honor of current student at the LeNotre Culinary Institute and food blogger Shannon Smith. She will in April travel to Copenhagen on a 6 months culinary internship at Rene Redzepi’s two Michelin star restaurant Noma. Shannon had to the occasion prepared some tasty houre dourves as a sample of what she can do.

Later in the evening DACCSW had the great honor to present Shannon a scholarship for her trip.

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Great seeing you all at the “Nytårskuren” 

The Board of Directors of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest along with Danish Consul Anna Thomsen Holliday hosted a New Year’s Reception in the tradition of “official” Denmark on the evening of January 6th 2015 to give all of our members and their spouses along with board members Year. Upwards of a 100 people showed up at this festive event hosted by Consul Thomsen Holliday and her husband Hal Holliday. Danish Chef Soren Pedersen provided a magnificient spread of Danish open faced miniature sandwiches, (dyrlaegens natmad, roaastbeef, spegepoelse med kartofler just to mention a few of the delicacies) along with Danish frikadeller , cheeses and kransekage.

The event was basis for much networking and many of the major Danish firms were represented. During the welcome Steen Pedersen of Biehl and Co. was introduced as the new Chair of the Chamber as Consul Thomsen Holliday stepped down from the post at the end of the year.


In the crowd: Lars Johansen and wife Lone of Hempel, USA, Lars Heisselberg and wife Stine Hollesen of GAC, Lars P. Hansen and Mrs. Karen Froekjaer Hansen, MacCartney ,Thomas Boehme of Falck-Alford and Mrs. Jette NOWACO and many, many more


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“Great seeing y´all” – Yet another great "After summer social" 

The Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Chambers of Commerce hosted a "Welcome back from summer social mixer" on the 16. of September. It was great to see so many familiarly and new faces in Norway House! All enjoyed the nice food and beverage, the opportunity to network and catch up after a long summer. Again, we would like to say a BIG thank you to our sponsors SAS, IKEA and StenaBulk.

We were all welcomed to The Norway House by Consul General Dr. Jostein Mykletun. SAS gave a brief presentation with special focus on the new route; Houston–Stavanger and were met with great applause.

Chef Søren Pedersen created very delicious food – it was sponsored by SAS, StenaBulk and the 3 chambers. IKEA supplied very nice sweets for dessert and the Danes supplied Carlsberg!

More  than 70 Danes attended along with the Norwegian and Swedish contingent in all app 130 people.

photo 3IMG_5172IMG_5178



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Happy 2014! 

As a new tradition DACCSW hosted a “Nytårskur” to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Approximately 70+ people attended the event – In the crowd was seen Christina Clark president of Vikingeskolen, both Thomas Böhme from Falck Alford and his wife Jette Böhme from NOVACO, Lars Hansen and wife from Macartney, Rene Frederiksen from HESS, Bent Plougmand Andersen from Welltec, Michael Brunø-Sørensen from OW Bunker, Linda May Martin from Octopus Bags, Karl Steffensen and wife from Danish Club Houston and many more.

It was great to see that many of our members celebrating the new year with some great networking and great food by Søren (stay tuned on info on the opening of his new restaurant) - And a big thanks to Anna Holliday for opening up her lovely home for us, creating a wonderful atmosphere and sponsoring drinks!


Christmas and nytaarkur 135Christmas and nytaarkur 136Christmas and nytaarkur 137Christmas and nytaarkur 142Christmas and nytaarkur 146Christmas and nytaarkur 144

Christmas and nytaarkur 140Christmas and nytaarkur 138Christmas and nytaarkur 139Christmas and nytaarkur 145Christmas and nytaarkur 150Christmas and nytaarkur 143Christmas and nytaarkur 147Christmas and nytaarkur 149Christmas and nytaarkur 151Christmas and nytaarkur 152Christmas and nytaarkur 154Christmas and nytaarkur 156Christmas and nytaarkur 157Christmas and nytaarkur 158Christmas and nytaarkur 159

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Welcome back from summer social mixer 2013 

DACC and the Norwegian and Swedish Chambers of Commerce held a "Welcome back from summer social mixer" on the 17. of September. It was great to see so many familiarly and new faces in Norway House! All enjoyed the nice food and beverage, the opportunity to network and catch up after a long summer. Again, we would like to say a BIG thank you to our sponsors K&L Gates and IKEA.
More than 50  Danes attended along with the Norwegian and Swedish contingent in all app 130. KL Gates (curtsey of our very own board member Soren Lindstrom) and Ikea graciously sponsored the evening. Ikea had a great spread of food and the Danes supplied Carlsberg.
Thank you Soren! Both companies gave a brief presentation of their companies and were met with great applause.
Seen in the crowd: Lars Johansen, Carsten Westergaard, Mette Husted along with husband Hans, Lars Kristiansson and many more.


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Remarks and Musical Performance by Danish Duo Susanne Thea and Bent Malinowsky at 7 pm. Danish artist Susanne Thea and American artist Diana Eicher have curated the exhibit “Where The Border of Water Meets the Air, Dragonflies Gather”. With participation of 15 contemporary artists from around the world, three of these artists are from Denmark: Malone Dietrich from Copenhagen, Anni Rose from Skaelskoer and Susanne Thea from Korsoer.

February 28, 2013 Categories: Social Event

.....more culture! 

DACCSW hosted a Social Event at Museum of Fine Art, Houston on Jan. 17th 2013 6 pm. The evening will start with a tour of the exhibition followed by dinner at Cafe Express next door to the Museum. No registration necessary, entrees at the museum is free. Dinner at Cafe Express is not included.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design, drawn from the MFAH collection of decorative arts, showcases furniture, glass, ceramics, metalwork, and lighting from the 1920s to the 1970s. The MFAH first acquired examples of modern Finnish glass in 1954, and in recent years the museum has built on this history by acquiring outstanding objects from architects, designers, and manufacturers such as Alvar Aalto, Kaj Franck, Poul Henningsen, Georg Jensen, Finn Juhl, Bruno Mathsson, Orrefors, Verner Panton, Timo Sarpaneva, and Tapio Wirkkala.

The objects created by designers active in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden during the 20th century embody a distinctive aesthetic typified by an emphasis on high-quality design distributed widely through mass production.

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Let's Meet Eat dinner at Sorrel Urban Bistro 

The Danish Club of Houston organized on Sep. 25th. a "Let's meet and eat" social event.

September 25, 2012 Categories: Dinner Social Event

Welcome back after Summer 


The three Scandinavia Chambers of Commerce hosted a

September 12th 2012.

NACC was kindly hosting this event at the Norway House and we thank our two sponsors Advancial and Viking Advisory Group.


A great evening with app. 120 guests that enjoyed scandinavian food and beer.

September 12, 2012 Categories: Social Event