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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

4th Houston Shipping & Offshore Conference 

DACC was co-sponsoring above event, which took place Friday 10th Oct., at the Houstonian, arranged by the

Consulates / Embassies of: Norway, Brazil & South Korea

Conference had 214 registered attendees focusing on Funding, Safety, Labor Market/pool & New Technologies

& Designs in the business


A couple of notes:

- In 2008 90& of Offshore was bank financed – today only 50% is bank financed (balance is private equity among other)

- Currently the Offshore sector has $100 billion of unfunded new-buildings & and estimated $1.3 trillion of funding is need

over the next 10 years

- Petrobras is planning on investing $250 million over the next 5 years

Several interesting speakers incl., Christine Engle, CEO of Maersk Drilling USA, whom spoke about Maersk’s

success in their business culture

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Report from this year TOWER conference! 

"Danish technology and development methods are the foundation of the industry as it is today!" - A bold statement made at the TOWER conference today by speaker and moderator Danish Dr. Carsten Westergaard, NextraTEC. It was a very interesting first day at the conference!
We were taken back in history to the first Danish off shore windmills build around 1940, to the first Vestas turbine installed in 1979 generating 30KW - up till today to the latest Siemens/DONG turbine installed in 2013 generating 6MW! We saw the newest - and very innovative - foundations for offshore Wind made by Norwegian Seatower (presented by Danish Niels Brix, CCO) and much more.
Very interesting reports from the Wind energy markets in both Germany, Denmark, UK and the US - Did you know Germany is best in Europe with wind energy counting for 10% of the total energy? - and they are growing that number! And on a good day, Denmark is supplied 100% by wind energy!
Still it is not an easy game. Lots of politics and legislation to deal with.
More issues and opportunities to de discussed tomorrow at the last day of the TOWER conference!

Pictures below:
The conference were opened by Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ricarda Redeker
CCO Seatower, Niels Brix were speaker on “Udpate on the offshore wind development in Europe”
Dr. and President NextraTEC, Professor at practice Texas Tech University Carsten Westergaard were moderator and spoke on both “The role of Denmark in the Global Wind Market” and “Update on the U.S. Wind Energy Market”


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The 4th Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable - TOWER Conference 2013 

On the 27. and 28. of August the 4th Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable - TOWER Conference 2013 was held in Houston.
DACC was present and so was a lot of interesting speakers and participants. On the first day of the conference, there were a lot of interesting dialogs around the difference in perspective on Wind Energy in Europe and the US, dialogs around the shortage of future labor in the industry and the environmental issues.
On the second day of the conference there were a lot of focus on the legal issues around wind energy, and highlight was the Key note from George P. Bush (and yes, they are related) - He is running for Texas Land Commissioner and started a great dialog around water shortage, education etc.
All in all it was two days full of inspiring speakers and dialog around the great opportunities for wind energy in south west.
As a follow up note, we are pleased to see - and will congratulate Vestas on their latest and biggest order since 2010;


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Danish Offshore Solutions - OTC 2012 - Happy Hour 

The Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest invited members of the chamber to join Offshore Denmark's Happy hour at the Danish National Pavilion at the OTC 2012.

May 02, 2012 Categories: Conference Happy Hour

Offshore Denmark - OTC - Joint Dinner 

The Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest invited members of the chamber to join Offshore Denmark at the OTC 2012 dinner at Pappas Bros. Stearkhouse.

May 01, 2012 Categories: Conference Dinner