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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

30+ DACCSW members and members from the German chamber had the pleasure of listening to Professor John E. Hund from Rice University on his perspectives on the world economy.

We got a very informative perspective back in history – realizing there have always been financial crises … maybe we are always in some sort of financial crises? – In fact the only longer period with out crises was in post war period where we spend a lot of money building up larger parts of the world and the women entered the workforce!

Looking forward he saw to different financial-roads; one is to wait for … or create … a new “bobble” – Maybe bobbles has always been the catalyzer to create growth!? Or we could build less debt … or create more growth! Alternatively ensure high inflation, allow more reconstruction etc.

As he concluded there is no “one answer” but a lot of factors that can influence the way going forward …. so stay tuned to see what the future will bring!


Dr. John Hund has been a visiting professor at Rice University since July 2006. Previously, Dr. Hund was a visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was an award-winning teacher of advanced corporate finance and fixed income analytics. Dr. Hund was also selected to teach Money and Capital Markets in the Option II Executive MBA program at the McCombs School. Prior to his time at Texas, Dr. Hund was an Assistant Professor in the Finance Group at Tulane University from August, 2000 until August 2004. His research focuses on the estimation of default risk, primarily in emerging markets, as well as the influence of default on corporate decision making. At Tulane, he taught Fixed Income Analytics in the MBA program, Risk Management and Financial Innovation in the undergraduate program, and lectured on asset pricing at the Ph.D. level.


Seen in the crow was Anders Hyrup from SAL Heavy Lift, Jørgen Jørgensen and Steen Pedersen from Biel, Bent Plougmand Andersen from Welltec, Tine Rau Schiott, Anders Petersen and Morten Grouleff from Leman, Patricia Blackwell from Nextratec, Lars Hansen from MacArtney and many more!


Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand January 30, 2014 Categories: Luncheons


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