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Danish American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

As a new tradition DACCSW hosted a “Nytårskur” to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

Approximately 70+ people attended the event – In the crowd was seen Christina Clark president of Vikingeskolen, both Thomas Böhme from Falck Alford and his wife Jette Böhme from NOVACO, Lars Hansen and wife from Macartney, Rene Frederiksen from HESS, Bent Plougmand Andersen from Welltec, Michael Brunø-Sørensen from OW Bunker, Linda May Martin from Octopus Bags, Karl Steffensen and wife from Danish Club Houston and many more.

It was great to see that many of our members celebrating the new year with some great networking and great food by Søren (stay tuned on info on the opening of his new restaurant) - And a big thanks to Anna Holliday for opening up her lovely home for us, creating a wonderful atmosphere and sponsoring drinks!


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Christmas and nytaarkur 140Christmas and nytaarkur 138Christmas and nytaarkur 139Christmas and nytaarkur 145Christmas and nytaarkur 150Christmas and nytaarkur 143Christmas and nytaarkur 147Christmas and nytaarkur 149Christmas and nytaarkur 151Christmas and nytaarkur 152Christmas and nytaarkur 154Christmas and nytaarkur 156Christmas and nytaarkur 157Christmas and nytaarkur 158Christmas and nytaarkur 159

Posted by Anna-Louise Plougmand January 22, 2014 Categories: Social Event


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